Not forgetting anyone

August 26, 2006

I notice that in setting up this blog I only listed Dialogue partners as those people who would be attending the face-to-face event. That makes me reflect:

  1. Why didn’t I think to include the people who are participating in the online dialogue but who won’t be physically present at the face-to-face event in Florence?
  2. What practices are/should we be developing to include the people who won’t be there?

In the meantime Nancy White bounces off Beth’s post about capturing and sharing notes at non-profit gatherings. In her post Learning, Capturing and Sharing Conference Artifacts she gives more ideas about weaving in the voices of people who don’t attend the face-to-face and in producing artifacts for the wider community.

Nancy concludes her suggestions with these words:

In the end, the key around these practices is that when we engage all or part of the group in the production of our “learning artifacts” — we all learn more AND we make some of that learning available to others. The act of production is an act of meaning making.

We also think beyond our individual selves. We resume responsibility not only for our participation, but for sharing back to the communities we come in to the room representing. F2F is a precious resource, not to be squandered. It is a privilege.

That’s the bottom line.

2 Responses to “Not forgetting anyone”

  1. Denham Grey Says:

    In many ways a conference wiki may be more useful way to ‘collect’ your memory. It will be easier to gather and refactor ideas, allow a more holistic participation experience for interested parties not able to attend.

    It is easy to set up something on wikispaces or pbwiki at no cost and to restrict editing or require registration to avoid spamming.

  2. I’ll forward to see what you develop and now I’m excited by the possibility of attending virtually.

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