On-site agenda

October 6, 2006

This agenda began to be formed on Thursday afternoon and has been updagted through Friday noon.

Current questions (have been “on the table” in CPsquare and at previous events)

  • face-to-face online cycle (variations & uses) & EVENT DESIGN
  • technologies for cops and their effects (on our thinking, on our experience, and on our roles)
  • Narrative –>  Methods (purposes, skills)
  • Our roles and identities in our different worlds
  • What are we doing? (in the world, with organizations, with communities and how do   we make money?)
  • Community of practice community assessment (as memory)
  • Community of practice as lens vs. object or solution

“New” questions (we are adding to our list of concerns)

  • memory
  • convenor’s role & process
  • conversations (in decline? Causes? Effects?)
  • Gender styles


  • Breakfast headcount
  • tasks
    – who, what
  • “complaints”
  • Bed /room assignments
  • Local wi-fi access / price
  • reification rota (who takes notes on behalf of the group?) sharing
  • people’s logistics (days in and out)
  • Payment (lodging, food, etc.)

3 Responses to “On-site agenda”

  1. Nancy White Says:

    I hope you are all having a grand time. Send big hugs to everyone!

  2. Barb McDonald Says:

    Thanks for sharing so promptly! I’ve posted a link in the Field Trip area to this. Waiting with bated breath for whatever else you can share. Sending hugs, too.

  3. Sus N. Says:

    Hello Prato people,
    I like the household aspects of going to a conference, or travelling, or just having a group meeting. This is part of why virtual meetings are SO much different. Wish I had had the time, euros and the courage to just go for this mewetup. Who knows when would be a next occasion…

    yours, Sus

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